Atheism, Pacifism, and Life

Since embracing atheism, I am more pro-life and pacifism is more important to me than ever. Let me explain. Really, it’s simple.

Taking away the afterlife, exponentially increases the value of life.

Believing in an afterlife – heaven, hell, reincarnation, becoming an angel or ghost – any kind of afterlife – makes death of any kind positive, whether you hope someone is going to heaven or to hell.

Take away any kind of afterlife and murder becomes more heinous, wars more reprehensible, the death penalty more sobering.

Ending war, disease, the gun problem, drug use, starvation, neglect, and abuse becomes more urgent without the pacification of an afterlife.

The suicidal terrorist act loses at least some of its appeal.

The thought of sending our sons and daughters to war becomes unimaginable.

If “this is it” we have no excuse for leaving sanity out of our decision making process regarding these things that end in death.

We have no excuses; we can’t look away. We have to look at what we are doing. Our minds have nowhere else to bounce when we feel uncomfortable.

For this reason, I am firmly convinced that war and terrorism will never end unless we embrace this life and destroy our childish fantasies of an afterlife.

As a Christian, pacifism was important to me; as an atheist, anything else is unimaginable.


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