i divorced a pastor . . . and i bet i’m not alone

my ex-husband is still a pastor of a somewhat conservative congregation. we have been divorced for close to three years. he did not say anything about the divorce to his congregation or anyone else until the weekend after the divorce was final, which was about three months after i’d left him. about a month later, his district counselor called him.

the conversation went something like this:

district counselor: how are you?

ex-husband: fine, thank you.

dc: no you’re not. i heard about your divorce. you’re not fine at all. and let me tell you, i’m old-fashioned about these things.


so, the ex was forced to make the inevitable, dreaded trip to district headquarters where, thankfully, he talked with the district prez. and not the cranky old guy from the phone call. i was spared. i guess they had already written me off.

the interesting thing – is that the district president’s first guess about the cause of death of the marriage was that i’d lost my faith. apparently this has been the thing among the wives. (and yes, wives, not spouses – girl pastors aren’t allowed in that world).

my faith – or lack thereof – wasn’t the cause of our divorce. there were plenty of other reasons.

but i wish these other nameless ex-wives of pastors had blogs. and that i knew where to find them. ex-husbands of pastors too.


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